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E-Newsletter Package

Get great mileage out of your articles, getting in front of many eyes, making use of your potential goldmine list! Check out the package offer.

To Template or Not To Template

There's no denying there are countless template options to be found online today to purchase for both web and print marketing requirements. But there are things you should consider before using them.

Do you use it to its best ability?

Business cards are little rectangles with a lot of possibilities. They're old school but still cool. Every business card you hand out is an opportunity to gain a new customer. Are yours giving them the right message?

Take the stress out of getting online

Your clients are searching for your products and services online - there’s no question about that. To compete in today’s uber-competitive market, you need a strong online presence. We’re not talking about a DIY website and a Facebook page.

Your Marketing Options

There are many marketing options available to businesses today. Not all are needed or necessary for every business, but all businesses will have a core set of marketing items with other items tried and added over time.

How on-brand are you and your business?

You want to get in front of more clients - especially with the way things are for most businesses at the moment... But it’s frustrating when your visual branding is dated and not connecting with your market.

Why video works!

Like the old saying goes, “if a picture speaks a thousand words then a video must speak a million”. By guest blogger Frederick Müller of My Promo Video.

Customer Engagement Strategy - What Do You Use?

Do you have a customer engagement strategy for your business? What marketing channels do you use to engage with them? Are you making the most of your database?

What's Working? And What's Not?

These past months have definitely shown us the need to re-assess our businesses marketing strategies and material.

Writing words that sell

Being able to write words that sell is an essential skill needed to grow your business. By guest blogger Katrina Pace of Words for Wellness.

Email Signatures are also a sales tool

Not often thought about as a sales tool, but footers and email signatures are also a chance to sell or promote your products or services.

Connecting at a distance

Nurture and grow your audience. As a business owner, your email list should be considered gold.

Pick 'n' Mix

Adding something new into your marketing mix can revive existing customers and attract a new audience group entirely!

Do you have 2020 vision?

What’s new for your business this year? Have you got your vision working or is it jumbled like an unmade jigsaw?

Flipping Books

How to offer your company brochure viewing options online.

A Life By Design

Get excited about the latest digital printing options for your next marketing item.

Do you have groups, segments and tags stage fright?

Mailchimp Audience Targeting Functions explained

5 Basic Types of Promotion

Do you know what they are? and are you implementing them in your business as part of your marketing strategy?

Branding Consistency

You’ve decided on your business idea, now the real work starts in building your brand.

Timing Matters in Email Marketing

When's the best day to send? Plus tips to entice your reader

Fall in love with Print all over again!

The print industry is undergoing a big revolution – finding its place alongside the online world.

An easy way to maintain healthy engagement

Email Marketing is said to be one of the strongest marketing channels.

E-books for your marketing strategy

E-books are one of the best ways to educate existing customers and attract new ones to generate leads.

Reasons not to send image only Enews

If you’re sending out your e-newsletter most entirely of images you may want to rethink that strategy.

Soapbox : Consistency

Your marketing’s layout consistency is so important.

Spreading the News

Are you putting out an e-mail Newsletter or printed Newsletter for your customers?

Why a picture is worth a thousand words

You know the old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words. Well that could hold true for your blog or business as well.

Payment Plans

4 Ways Customer Payment Plans Help Your Business Grow

Keep Your Customers Happy

Create Your Own Disney Magic & Keep Your Customers Happy

The Importance of Marketing to your current customers

Bringing in new business is and always will be important. However, marketing does not end when the ink is dry on the contract.

Effective PR for owner-operators: some cost-effective ideas to showcase your brand

Strategic marketing and PR are obviously very important to the success of local owner-operators.

7 Ways To Ensure Your Email Marketing Does The Job

We all know we should be doing newsletter marketing. It’s a good way to engage with customers...

Online or Offline Marketing?

Not everyone is Online all at once, remember Offline Marketing is just as important.

The Many Ways to Market your Business

A business begins with a name and gets a Logo designed around that. Now they’ve got to start marketing the business – but how?

The Brand Review Package

The BRP evolved from an online marketing course.

Promoting You and Your Business Online

I have been self-employed for the last seven years and in this time the world of online marketing has changed enormously.