An easy way to maintain healthy engagement

Do you have a customer engagement strategy?
What marketing channels do you use to engage with them?

Email marketing is said to be one of the strongest marketing channels.
Your business needs an email list – it’s critical for long-term success.

Social media, while one of the biggest things to happen to business marketing lately, has a serious drawback if you rely on it as a source of traffic and revenue, even with a strong following – you may not reach your audience with your new content… and you are now having to pay to reach them on most platforms.
Sending an Email Newsletter doesn't have the same drawback – when you send an email to a subscriber it should land in their inbox quickly if you have everything configured correctly.
And you know that when someone joins your email list, via your website signup form or landing page, they are much more likely to engage and purchase than from a random Google search or social media advert.
This means your email list can give you the best return on investment compared to your other forms of marketing material whether online or offline.

And best of all - you own your email list.

So if you feel like you’ve neglected your E-newsletter sending and it could do with a kick-start, I would love to help you get it active again.

Working in MailChimp – an email marketing platform, I love to design and setup templates for clients based on their branding.

I can help you:

  • Setup and send out your first campaign, and you take over from there, or I can manage your regular E-Newsletter campaigns.
  • Set up a Newsletter Signup Form on your website that links the subscriber directly to your MailChimp list and/or a popup window on your website.
  • Setup a Landing Page based on a special offer/download/promotion (lead magnet) to further gather potential customers and build your list.
    This landing page can also be used as a link in your social media platform promotions.
  • Setup email automation sequences (more on this in another email).

And if compiling content is stopping you and you would rather have someone else do that for you – then I work with a couple of copywriters and we have packages that could suit your budget.

Contact me to discuss your options.

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