E-books for your marketing strategy

Content can be in a variety of forms – blog posts to YouTube and everything in between…
The unique form of E-books is that they are downloadable, feeling like more of a real object of value, which makes them an effective lead generation tool – offering your information in exchange for your users contact information.

Compiling an E-book gives you the opportunity to showcase your authority on your subject in greater depth than most other online content creating platforms.

Plus an E-book allows you to repurpose your existing content into another viable form for your businesses marketing strategy.


E-books can strengthen your brand

Brand trust and authority is big in today’s commercial landscape. By creating an E-book on a subject that your audience care about and by answering their questions and concerns in a creative and engaging way you are building that know, like and trust aspect further into your brand.

When deciding on the direction of your E-book content remember to refer to your customers wants, needs and desires. Search out topics your competition hasn’t covered yet.

Divide the content into easy read engaging chapters, each with a unique takeaway and conclude with a single call to action.

Consistent brand styling across all your publications creates an identity that shows consistency which translates into a sense of professional credibility.


An E-book can be at the heart of your marketing campaign

When it comes to wanting to share topics with longer content E-books offer more detailed packed value than the short to medium blog posts.

When you create an E-book around the theme of your marketing campaign, showcasing your authority on a subject, it will then give you a large resource from which you can extract and repurpose content. By repurposing your content from the E-book you’ll be expanding your reach and building brand awareness.

Of course this also works the other way round with collating previous material and making your E-book on a particular subject from material you may have already published online.


An E-book can build your email marketing list

We all know growing your list can be tough… with all the regulations you need a good clean list to send out to - a healthy list is a great gateway to gaining more conversions.

Build an optimised landing page on your website with a call to action to sign up in return for your free E-book. With the perceived value of an E-book viewers are more likely to give you their email address in return for your information.

You can then promote your E-book via other social media channels, pointing them back to your landing page. It’s far easier to build social proof that creates trust via recommendations of peers than online ads.


With a mix of social media marketing, informational blog posts through repurposing content from your E-book and a landing page your E-book can become a powerful lead generation tool.


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