Do you use it to its best ability?

Business cards are an important part of any marketing strategy

- even though email addresses and websites have become increasingly significant marketing tools, they have weathered the test of time.

But why is this the case?

What are the advantages of business cards over digital alternatives?

The Personal Touch

Traditional business interactions include a reciprocal exchange of business cards.

The exchange of business cards and a firm handshake at the end of a conversation is universal, and the exchange of email addresses has yet to take hold.

There isn't the same amount of involvement when exchanging email addresses over the phone as there is with a business card.

They're usually impersonal professional email addresses, whereas a business card may be held onto and is intriguing to look at — it might even spark a discussion about the card's design.

Making You Look Professional

Carrying business cards and handing them out after a chat may appear superficial, but it communicates the proper message to future customers/clients.

A well-designed business card reflects your high professional standards, making you appear well-prepared. Business card printing is a must-have for all professionals, and should not be disregarded by digital options.

With an email address like, this isn't the case. This is such a conventional format that it will never express high standards; it is soulless and empty, and a well-designed business card will always triumph.

They provide a strong initial impression that will stick with you.

Direct marketing

When you speak with someone, you will be able to tell if they are interested in your company. You give them a business card if they are, and you know you have a prospective lead.

Furthermore, a potential customer is more likely to refer you to their friends and colleagues, and business cards are handy to carry around during networking.

Everyone in the business world should have their own well-designed business cards.

They're very useful, and they'll always win out over scribbling an email address on a napkin or in a phone.

So if you haven’t already got a winning business card in your pocket, or you want to redesign your existing card, I’d love to help you.

Contact me today to get your business card sorted!

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