Why video works!

By guest blogger Frederick Müller of My Promo Video.

Like the old saying goes, “if a picture speaks a thousand words then a video must speak a million”. In truth I made the last bit up; but it can’t be too far from the truth.

For years video has been the source of inspiration and entertainment, people used to flock to the cinemas in the pre-covid years to be comforted by the illumination of the silver screen on a Friday night.

Now, the way we absorb entertainment is through a little rectangular portable object, only a few inches in size, that can provide entertainment whenever it’s needed.

Because of this very fact, this entertainment on demand, we, as a society have become conditioned to filtering out what we don’t want to engage with, with that which we do.

Marketers study this, in their quest to attract our attention, what it is about that can be so engaging with its viewers. The demand for audience engagement has grown and videos achieve this very well.

It’s not that other media forms aren’t as important, it’s just that it is not as effective. And no, it’s not the special effects, or beautiful locations that piques our interest but humans’ innate need to establish a connection. 

We are meaning-making machines and we turn to video because we want to connect with our world, with our people, with ourselves. In short, videos make us feel alive. It gives us a sense of belonging, a way of being, and a lot of times, something to aspire to!

Great marketers know this, film makers know this and it is, at its very core, what they seek to offer. 

This is not just a cheap gimmick or trick, it's about the very fabric of life, what it is all about, inspiration!

The age-old axiom of cinema still remains; with moving images having the power to give us mortals a means of escape. That same longing for ‘escape’ is still valid, everytime we see an eye-catching video on our news feed, we wonder, what type of magic this video will hold, what form of escape might it provide from our current reality.

In short, videos are engaging and hold promise, and to this very fact it has become a popular medium to reach your audience, whether it be a message, a product or a cause. It holds mystery behind that initially displayed thumbnail. The thumbnail and description, just like a good movie tagline, holds a half truth, a mystery, meant to cause intrigue, a thirst for answers that can only be satisfied by pushing play! And with all this intrigue stories do follow a structure, a form, when used correctly, works.

At My Promo Video we are continuously studying what makes stories work so well. We employ these techniques in our videos, whether they be long or short form.

It is our goal to create a synergy between a compelling story structure that is targeted to your audience, and to solve the problem you are facing in your business.

View www.mypromovideo.co.nz for their amazing work, and get in touch for your next video.


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