7 Ways To Ensure Your Email Marketing Does The Job

We all know we should be doing newsletter marketing. It’s a good way to engage with customers and hopefully get more sales leads, right? But how many of us really understand how to use newsletter marketing to its best advantage? Chances are that most of us are simply going through the motions when it comes to newsletter marketing and so in this article we share 7 tips for making sure that yours is really working for the business.

Make it regular – monthly is best

If you decide to go ahead with a newsletter then make sure that you commit to doing so on a regular basis. There’s nothing worse from a client-customer relationship perspective than a newsletter that turns up one month and not the next. Be consistent. If people don’t hear from you on a regular basis then chances are they may well forget about you. What’s more, pitch your newsletter right (and more about that later) and you’ll find that your customers will begin to anticipate hearing from you and will even look forward to it.

Build your list each month

To grow your client base you will need to review your mailing list each month. Make sure that you regularly add any new clients, connections, customers and prospects. The email newsletter is a great way to keep your product and services at the forefront of the minds of these contacts. You never know when they might need you so regular contact is essential.

Ensure you a have a sign-up link on your website

Try and entice people into signing up for the newsletter with a great offering. Rather than using the standard ‘hey sign up for my newsletter’, present them with an engaging proposal that adds value. So something along the lines of: ‘If you would you like to stay in touch, click here. We send out informative, friendly newsletters with great content, tip sheets, lifestyle information, business improvement articles and product/service details you may not be aware of.’

Presenting the reader with a proposition that will add value to their business is more likely to be acted on than a bland invitation to subscribe.

Make it mobile friendly

Nowadays, the majority of newsletters are actually read from a smartphone rather than a desktop computer. Making sure that your newsletter is optimised for the smaller screens and restricted navigation of a mobile means your newsletter will be packing more of a punch.

See the big picture

The trials and tribulations of sourcing and writing content for a monthly newsletter can mean that you end up seeing it as a chore. Instead look at your newsletter as being a great asset for your company. It’s a direct line of communication between you and your clients and so is an essential element of your overall customer care programme.

Use informative content

Readers will soon lose interest in your newsletter if it is overly promotional. Instead make an effort to offer content that will be of use to the reader, which adds value and leaves the reader better off as a result of reading it. The rule of thumb is to balance every three added value articles with one salesy one.

Make unsubscribing easy

Making it easy to unsubscribe means that your client list will be full of active, engaged readers. What’s more, the last thing you want to do to customers or prospects is to instil a negative view of your brand by persisting in sending unwanted emails. Instead make it a simple one click process for those that want to opt out.

Use these 7 tips to review your newsletter marketing campaign or better still get in touch with the experts. Newsletter Ready will design, write and dispatch engaging, branded newsletters that are targeted at your customer base. Check out some newsletter designs here and book in for a newsletter sample for your business.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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