Online or Offline Marketing?

Notes I took from listening online to a Business Made Easy session with guest Fiona Clark of Breakthrough Women in Business talking about Marketing.

Should you be doing Online or Offline Marketing? both are needed.

As much as there is a lot happening and changing within the Online world there is still a need for Offline Marketing.

Firstly step back and look your business marketing strategy.
Where does most of your business currently come from?

Remember it is easier to do business with existing customers - you have built a mutually beneficial relationship, they trust you and understand the value of what you provide.
It costs five times more to get a new customer than to look after an existing one.

What are you good at doing and what do you need help with in regards to marketing your business either online or offline?
Check out what your competitors are doing and do it differently.

Tell people who you are, what you do, where you are, why you do it - help them to understand why they should do business with you - what's your USP?
Send out one message at a time - don't confuse people or dilute your information by over loading your message.
Both your online and offline headlines need to grab attention.

What are you doing for your VIP customers?
Could you have a loyalty program or a referral/thanking system?
Make it easy for them - their time is valuable.
Reward and thank the referrer and the new client.
Ask new clients where they heard about you and who from.
Put them in your database list for future contacting.

Networking is great for SME's - we do business with people and build relationships that build trust.
Investing your time in building relationships can well be worth the effort.
While you may not actually do business with a particular person you meet immediately they may refer you.
They may become a Client and/or a Connector.
Follow up with those you haven't heard from in a while - low hanging fruit - build a relationship with them.

Personal Branding is about Presentation - how we talk, the tone, facial expressions, body language.
People make up their minds about you in 30secs... whether they like you or not, but remember you don't have to connect with everyone!

Not all Clients are created equal - who do you want to work with?
Who is your ideal client? Where are they found? How do you get in front of them?
Create an avatar of your ideal client - research them online, both business and personal backgrounds.

Position yourself as the Consultant/Expert not as the Salesperson - this takes the heat of yourself.
Ask questions about them, how can you help them?
Highlight their pain points and offer a solution.

Be careful where you put your time and energy.
Where is the most money coming from in your business?
You may have a coffee meeting - but it needs to be a strategic business meeting - what is the objective?
What are you going to leave the meeting with?
What's the next step?
Is there anything you can help them with?
Can you send them something?
Can they go on your mailing list, can you go on theirs?
Think of them first, you second.
What can you do to help them?

Focus on Sales - it's not only marketing.
Sales and Marketing go together = Focus on Conversion.
Marketing does it's job but won't put money in the bank.

Then follow up, follow up and follow up again!

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