Email Signatures are also a sales tool

Not often thought about as a sales tool, but footers and email signatures are also a chance to sell or promote your products or services.

Essentially, email signature marketing is a way to turn your individual business email into a marketing and lead generation machine.

Maximize that white space at the end of your email with interesting, informative, and valuable information.
Besides the usual contact info and logo image – you could add any of the following:

  • A couple of sentences to educate and inform
  • Promote events – link to registration
  • Link to a free video, webinar, ebook
  • Share a client quote/review
  • Company announcements – launching new product teaser
  • You can make them look like a PS - with a question posed on around a certain service or product you offer eg: PS. Do we need to talk about XYZ? Why not book a call with me now...

Keep it simple with only one at a time, and change it out regularly to keep it relevant – no out of date event, old news etc!

Remember it’s valuable real estate, so use it wisely.

Check out my pdf download that links from my email signature >


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