Flipping Books

If you produce a multi-page company or product brochure in print form do you also offer for it to be viewed online via your website or send in an email as a link?

I design and produce artwork for an annual 24 page A3 newsletter for MCM, which I provide a print pdf and they get printed in the US. This issue they also wanted to provide their clients the option to view the newsletter online.

There are many options out there to host an online multi-page newsletter or magazine. Most offer a ‘free’ option but come with the extraneous advertising around it – which as we know is how these things work... you have to begin to pay a monthly subscription to unlock their advanced options, like no host branding or banner ads, data readings etc.

But what if you don’t produce your material monthly?

MCM has used ‘Instant Flipbook’ which converts your pdf to a digital flipbook. You only pay once and get all the files to actually host the flipbook on your own website. There are no hidden recurring fees, no contract or monthly subscription.

Check out the MCM Advocate newsletter.

The files supplied from Instant Flipbook are unbranded, so you could resell your item.
The flipbooks are 100% HTML5 meaning they can be viewed on any device or operating system. Plus they come with many features.

Interested in having your company or product brochure hosted on your website as a flipbook file for customers to view?

Email me to find out how


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