How on-brand are you and your business?

You want to get in front of more clients - especially with the way things are for most businesses at the moment... But it’s frustrating when your visual branding is dated and not connecting with your market.

It’s time to raise the bar and remove the procrastination that comes when your brand design stops your business from gaining more traction.

Brand consistency refers to the delivery of company messaging through time that is consistent with the brand's identity, values, and strategy.
Consistency means that your target audience is exposed to essential messages, visual branding, and other brand features on a regular basis, which can help them remember your brand.
When the quality, quantity, or scheduling of your material is inconsistent, your clients may become confused. Maintaining a consistent strategy not only improves the customer experience, but it also helps to generate credibility, reputation, and brand trust. Consistency might also have an effect on your bottom line.

Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%.


The visual features of a brand are a significant technique for keeping consistency. Check that your visual identity is consistent across all marketing materials and adheres to the branding style guide.

I understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t have the time or know-how to make the design changes your business needs to stand out with confidence.

  • Experience the value in keeping the look and feel of your company consistent across all mediums.
  • Create an identity that shows consistency and portrays reliability and professionalism to your market.
  • Use graphic design cleverly in your marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals.

My role is to come alongside businesses and help them sort out what and how to get the most from their visual branding and get it done without wasting time or money. 

Don’t be stuck in a brand you’ve outgrown.

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