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Q: Why do I need bleed on my print file?

A: If any images or colour extend off the page then your file will need bleed added when you output the file for printing. If you don’t add bleed then there is a high chance that you’ll end up with a white border on your final printed item.

Q: Can I just use images only in my newsletter?

A: You may think it’s trendy and easier but they offer a poor subscriber experience and can ultimately hurt your brand. A picture may speak a thousand words but in this case sometimes you also need those words spelled out. Images alone do not serve your entire audience. Some subscribers may use screen readers, don’t have good internet connection, have their images turned off, or even want to search for something in your email later – with only images you’re only reaching part of your audience.

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Q: Why do I need a vector Master Logo file?

A: These file types allow your logo to be scaled without loss of quality. From these files other file formats, such as high resolution .jpg and online .png files, can be made that allow you to ‘insert’ or ‘place’ them into other applications such as Word or PPT.
You’ve all probably experienced trying to enlarge a low resolution jpg (usually taken from a website) – never a good look, often fuzzy and unprofessional – which is why if you have received proper logo files this won’t be an issue.

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