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Hello! I’m having a cuppa in the sunshine – spring is nearly here yay! – and thinking about a recent phone conversation with a long-time client about their email marketing newsletters we send out.
I asked Bob, owner of Joiners Magazine, if he would share his reasons and experience with us around sending their regular e-newsletters:


"I have been publishing my magazine JOINERS Magazine for some 27 years now to a largely trade based audience along with specifiers such as architects and designers. The core audience as in the title are joiners, cabinetmakers, furniture and kitchen manufacturers. We started doing EDMs about five years ago with 8 a year in NZ (audience 3000)and 4 a year into Australia (audience 9000). This more recently reduced to 8 in total each going to both NZ and Aussie.

By observing some really simple rules it has been an unqualified success particularly in the last two years or so. Keep them short no more than a couple of scrolls down. Make them fit the phone screen. Never have your first image linked to somewhere else – they will simply follow it and not come back! Keep advertising to a minimum but use innovative techniques if you can to attract the eye ie. animated gifs. Use somebody who knows all about how to put them together and fire them out (like Terri!) Email lists are really hard to create so don’t pad them, stick to real core audience.

Make sure the reason you are sending these things out is clear in your mind: for me it was, is it for profit or to support my print medium? In NZ the latter is a good idea because if you don’t have an email list running into the tens of thousands the profit line is highly unlikely. By being simple means it keeps the costs to a minimum. The reason it works for me was I only need a few sales to be massively ahead. The EDMs have been particularly successful for me in Aussie with Aussie companies wanting to advertise to a NZ audience. Above all the EDM should go to a highly vetted mailing list to enhance your chance of response. Know your market."

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As a business owner, your email list should be considered gold, and building your list is an essential part of maintaining and growing your business with an email marketing strategy.
Needing help to get started?
I have a package that helps clients keep consistent with their marketing stategy:

  • Load the articles to their website News or Blog page
  • Add the articles to their social media pages, spread out over the month
  • Compile and send out their e-newsletter

This allows for great mileage out of those articles, and gets in front of many eyes!

Including links back to their website where they have a Signup form ready for viewers to join the database.
If you feel like you’ve neglected your e-newsletter sending and it could do with a kick-start,
– or if you need to begin sending a newsletter,
– and are interested in the package,
I would love to help you make use of your potential goldmine list!

Email me today to get your newsletter underway


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