The Brand Review Package

The BRP is for businesses that have been around for a while.

They’ve mostly put their own marketing material together, their website is old and they usually have no social media, or are not using it.

They’ve been so focused on building their business – working in it, that they haven’t made time to work on it.

So they get to a stage where they realise they can’t do it all, and often feel like they’re falling behind – especially with the online marketing.

They know they need to get things updated, do something, but don’t know where to start – this is where I can come alongside them and help by assessing their marketing issues and providing a plan to move forward.

The first step of the BRP is to have a meeting to discuss the businesses objectives and requirements and view their current marketing material.

To start with I’m looking for the Logo to match the business

  • is it relevant and up to date?
  • are the colours and typeface sending the right message?
  • are they using the correct format files – web vs print?
  • Do they have an Email signature?

The same goes for the Business Card

  • Is it consistent with the Logo
  • Colours used and typeface
  • Does it utilise both sides of the card?
  • Stock used – could they look at doing something a bit more exciting to suit their industry?

What printed material do they have in the form of Flyers, Brochures, Ads etc

Are these up to date with relevant copy and images?
Is the branding consistent?


Do they need a Copywriter?

By this stage I will have assessed whether they could benefit from copywriter skills.

If a business doesn’t have quality copy then it can be well worth the cost to get a copywriter involved because they can essentially interview them and really draw out information.

This copy can also be valuable for the website as it establishes keywords and phrases for the search engines.


Then we look at the Website, if they have one.

Once again is the branding and message consistent and up to date?

Is the site mobile friendly? is the big question of today

We discuss content that could be added -

Testimonials – good to add new ones to refresh

Case Studies – gives the reader an understanding of your process and outcomes

Blog – who could do that

FAQs – can be a really good place to use all your keywords and phrases

Video – could they benefit from having a video onsite, and put on YouTube

Newsletter – do they have a database?

A database is gold and you should all be building one and putting it to use.

This is a big field to cover so I try not to overwhelm them with too many questions and suggestions at this stage, just cover a few basics.


This moves us onto Social Media

What’s suitable for their business?

I suggest LinkedIn for the Owner, Manager, Sales Team

Other SM : FB, Instagram, Twitter etc – will depend on where their clients are to be found is where they need to be seen.


Also do they do any networking to get themselves out there and be seen in the local business community?

What is relevant for their business?


We will look at their current clients

Who their clients are

Where do they come from?

Who is their target audience? – sometimes there can be more than one

Do they know why their clients do business with them?

What are the problems they’re solving for their clients?

I’m getting them to come from the client’s perspective – to see and understand what their clients pain points are.


The old quote:

“People don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill

They want to buy a quarter inch hole.”


To take that a step further – what do they want the hole for?

To hang a picture of their family or lovely holiday reminder
To build a shelf or doing renovations
A dad and son building a boat in the garage?

We’re looking for that emotive connection.


An example of this is the DL Flyers Andy and I have come up with,

Beyond Andy saying ‘I can sell your home, or help you buy a house’

We’ve used the variety of reasons people want to buy or sell their house with imagery and humour. With these – a picture speaks a thousand words.


Something else we discuss is who their competition is

Remember it’s always good to keep an eye on your competition

What are they doing well to market themselves?
Where are they online?
Could you do something similar?


Armed with all this information I can write up a report with key recommendations and an action plan including priorities and indicative costs for $150 +gst.

Of course, every business is different as far as what marketing works best and in conjunction with each other.

It’s important to understand that customers and prospects react differently to different marketing. That’s why you need multiple marketing strategies in your marketing plan to properly address your target market.

I know this can all seem overwhelming but that’s what I’m there for – to guide businesses through the steps and work with their timing and budget.


That’s the Brand Review Package – Helping businesses market themselves for more business!


If you and your business can use some help maintaining or developing your marketing items please give me a call 021 2121306 or email me to discuss your options.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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