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There’s no doubting that Disney know a thing or two about how to keep customers happy – they’ve been doing it for 60 plus years after all! So what are the lessons that businesses can learn from the example of Disney? How does Disney keep visitors to their theme parks so satisfied that they boast an amazing 70 percent return rate for first-time visitors? In this article we identify three key lessons that all companies can learn from Disney about how to keep customers happy.

Always put the customer first

For Disney the customer experience is integral to everything that they do and this is demonstrated in the extensive customer service training programme that new staff members go through. This also serves to reinforce to all staff members the priority that Disney attaches to customer service generally. What’s more, if a customer has a poor experience at Disneyland, the policy is to offer another day in the park free of charge. This generous gesture serves to encourage great customer loyalty. And although it may require an initial loss in the cost of the day pass, it’s likely that this will be more than made up by the customer’s additional spending on food, drink and souvenirs. What’s more, Disney is also creating a loyal brand advocate who will be recommending them over and over again. And in the digital era in which content on social media can be shared over and over again, this form of personal recommendation can easily go a very long way.

Walk the walk, talk the talk

Walt Disney himself was a great believer in getting out and about. He was firmly of the view that executives and managers should not be stuck behind their desks all day. He regularly took the time to wander around the park, chatting to and observing his guests and finding out firsthand about his customers’ experiences. Having real personal interactions with customers and clients provides invaluable insights into the customer experience provided by your business. Positive and negative feedback provides a rounded view of where you’re at and where you need to focus your attentions.

First impressions count

Disney pay great attention to detail when it comes to their offering. Whether it’s the perfectly manicured lawns, the pumped, enticing smells or the carefully selected background music that plays at exactly the same volume through 15,000 park-wide speakers, Disney leaves nothing to chance and everything is very carefully planned and thought through. Now, while you may not want to go to quite the same lengths as Disney, friendly team members, a pleasant office environment, prompt answering of the phone, even a lovely bunch of flowers at reception will go a long way to enhancing your overall customer experience.

Much like Disney, putting your customer experience strategy at the heart of everything you will do will bring you loyal customers and lasting relationships. So make sure you bring your own brand of Disney magic to your customer experience.

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