Human Factor

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Inspirational Biz Owner Spotlight : Daria Williamson

Daria Williamson - Coach, Facilitator and Trainer - When you work to your strengths, you go from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to passionate and thriving. Check out the awesome answers to five questions I gave her.

Inspirational Biz Owner Spotlight : Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies of Sweet Spot Business Coaching - working with you to create a profitable service business and scale beyond the hourly rate. Check out the awesome answers to five questions I gave her.

Why video works!

Like the old saying goes, “if a picture speaks a thousand words then a video must speak a million”. By guest blogger Frederick Müller of My Promo Video.

Nice Networking

Curiosity, sincerity and a willingness to share and assist; it’s a healthy attitude when networking and the results can be very rewarding.

Payment Plans

4 Ways Customer Payment Plans Help Your Business Grow

The Zen of Work

At work, we can often face stressful situations...

Keep Your Customers Happy

Create Your Own Disney Magic & Keep Your Customers Happy

The Human Factor in Small Business

One of first steps in scaling a business is putting more people on the job.