A Life By Design

Over the past years the world of online marketing has changed enormously.
In the beginning my business had no social media only a website.
Now I need to be constantly educating myself to keep ahead of the game, and as some of you may have heard me say ‘Social Media is about playing the game’ and it’s Google’s game!
On the other hand last Friday I was handed a promo pack from a printer showcasing the latest digital printing options on different stock and using the latest 3D over-glossing which makes images ‘jump’ off the paper! and the textures you can get with this 3D over-glossing using a pattern or lettering is very cool! Then there’s soft touch or rough touch laminate which feeeeels amazing like rubber or sandpaper.

And wait there’s more… you can now digital print silver and gold!
Yes, it’s finally here! Can you tell I’m excited about these?

The pic below is one of the sample’s, but you need to feel and see them for yourself!

Want to view and touch the samples and get excited about your next promo piece?
Maybe you need to up-level your current marketing material?
Then let’s discuss what you can do – email me to get started.
So how are you and your business playing the marketing game?

Email me to chat about creating your next promo piece or up-leveling your marketing material.

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