More than just design.

It's about empowering you to stand out from the crowd
and look ahead.

Solopreneurs & SME's

Effective design gives you the clarity and certainty you've been looking for, by getting you excited about what you're doing.

Unleash the power of design

It helps you gain the confidence and tools you need to open up and step into new possibilities.

Graphic design with business insight.

Creativity isn’t just about typefaces and colour combinations. At its most powerful, it carves out a unique identity for your business and helps you win sales from customers before they even meet you.

Whatever your requirements, I will always start with your business strategy. With many years’ experience working closely with business owners, I know how to align creativity with business objectives. Perhaps that’s why some of my customers have been with me for over ten years.

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You know your existing marketing material needs a refresh...

it's all looking a bit outdated...

The trouble is you don't know where to start... that's ok, I do!

Whether it's for your print, web or online presence I can help.
There are lots of options out there today!

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Client Testimonial.

"We have worked with Terri for several years on projects for Career Clinic that included logo development, business card and brochure design. Terri has always been very easy to work with. She listens carefully to briefs and has exceeded our expectations in the ways she has interpreted our requirements. We get a lot of compliments for the look of our printed material and this is due in large part to Terri’s flair and attention to detail."

Janet Tuck, Director, Auckland

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