Do you have groups, segments and tags stage fright?

Those that are using Mailchimp will know what I'm talking about!

Trying to explain Mailchimp's new audience targeting functionality to clients is hard - I'm sure they all walk away scratching their heads. 

You may not even need to use them. Don't get caught up in the functionality so much that you delay or don't bother to be in touch with your clients.
That is definitely the most important thing - its not about your groups, segments and tags being perfect!
So keep talking to your clients.

But now to explain these damn groups, segments and tags - I'll try and keep it simple.


The best use of these are those sign-up forms where you ask questions e.g.
Are you interested in:

Horse Riding
Spa treatments

The results place the sign-ups in the various Groups they check (can be more than one), and then you can send the Horse Riding group an email that is especially targeted and relevant for them.

If you don't have very defined and different groups/products/services, then don't use Groups.


These are 'filters' that are created when the need arises, and you want to target particular people in your audience. If you have always imported the city where your audience lives along with email addresses, you can send just to those in 'Christchurch'. There are many different segments already set-up that you can use to target a particular group e.g. 

Those that clicked on the 'Horse Riding link' in your email campaign sent last week
All people with the first name of Henry
Those whose email address contains
Those that have opened the last 5 email campaigns
Those that have clicked on any link within the last 20 email campaigns

So segments don't normally get 'set-up' until you need to target particular people in your audience, and may just be used once.


Tags can be easily created when you import a list of email addresses e.g. those that came to a workshop. You could tag them ‘Workshop May 19’ and then create a thank you email campaign and send to a ‘segment’ you create that uses that tag. A tag may only be used once, or many times.

As you can see, Groups are the only ones that are set-up in in your Audience in advance.

Just a note, don't complicate this, keep it simple - just because the functionality is there to use all three, you don't need to.

Think carefully about how you will market to your audience

For example, do you plan to send a general email campaign to the whole audience once a month, but after a workshop, you send a thank you email campaign to just those that attended. Use tags.

Or, you have two facets to your business, and you send two email campaign every three months - one to the 'horse riding training' clients; and the other to your 'massage' clients. Could use Groups or Tags.

I hope this helps!
Remember, the important thing is to communicate with your clients, tell them what you are up to.
If Groups, Segments and Tags are just too much just yet, just send to all.

Contact me, and together we can plan how to use them to target your audience.
If you're needing further help - get in touch with who will get you sorted!

Reprinted courtesy of Jo at Webtrix who did an awesome job of explaining these Mailchimp audience functions.
Thanks Jo!


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