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Be visible. Be informing. Be valuable

E-books are a great way to share value with your clients.

Repurpose existing content into a format that helps get you in front of more clients, build your email list and help your clients see how you can help them.

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Generate leads

Repurpose blogs, videos and social media posts into e-books to use as email lead generators.

Show value

Gather high-value information together in one place for your clients to access and benefit from.

Drive engagement

Create professional, branded and interactive e-books that drive engagement and increase sales.

E-books are a great way to repurpose social media posts, blogs, videos and podcasts get more mileage out of the content you produce.

So what is an e-book? An e-book is any type of electronic reading material.

An e-book can be made into many formats, including pdf for either online or print – offering many ways to further your customer engagement.

E-books can give you credibility with Google, help you build your email list and even provide a revenue stream by selling on your website or Amazon.

"I came to Terri to design an e-book for a client. The e-book was for a luxury brand and was to be delivered as part of an email sequence. The e-book that Terri created beautifully profiled the client's brand and created a high-value addition to the customer experience. The whole process was so easy to set up and the client was very happy with the final product."

Copywriter, Words for Wellness

Getting your high-value content seen in an interactive e-book

E-books that help grow your business are not just about getting content on a couple of pages.

I take the fundamentals, theory and philosophy of design and apply them to your e-books so the layout is appealing and on-brand with your imagery, fonts and colour.

Adding digital features to your e-book can also enhance the reading experience with the advantage of interactivity, which adds flair and pizzazz for your desired audience.

Each e-book is uniquely designed to match the essence of your business and brand.

  • Generate leads through teaching and educating your audience about your product, service and industry 
  • Build a targeted email list via a lead magnet/lead generation
  • Strengthen your brand adding credibility to what you provide by raising your profile and creating awareness
  • Captivate and drive your audience back to your website
  • Set you up as a thought leader and a trusted source of information
  • Drive engagement via social media

Use your e-book in a variety of places

  • Lead magnet on a Landing Page
  • Free give-away in exchange for an email address via a popup window on your website
  • Sell via your Website or on Amazon
  • Free download from your email signature
  • Free download via your monthly newsletter
  • Printed hand-out for an event or client meeting
  • Create a digital quick-start guide to ensure your customer actually uses a purchased item

Your website visitors will be scrambling to give you their contact information in exchange for your valuable e-book!

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Sample projects

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Cherished Sleep

Nitrogenx e-book

Resolution Results

School Accounts ebook

E-book Design and Production Package

  • Online or face to face meeting to discuss your idea for the e-book.
  • Discuss your strategy – who your target audience is – who you want to reach, and look at the options available to reach them.
  • Once we’ve done that you’ll receive a design brief proposal with a quote and contract. 
  • Then we’ll work together and we will guide you with the content we need – copy, images, logo, branding files.
  • Next we’ll design and layout pages for your e-book and send you through the first proof for checking.
  • Once your e-book has been given the final approval we’ll send you the finished file format.

Additional option: 

Print organisation and delivery

Investment starts at $250 +gst – depending on pages, image sourcing and interactivity required.


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Monthly E-Book Subscription Package

Enquire about a monthly e-book subscription service and save.

Choose from 1-5 page or 6-10 page e-book produced each month to support your marketing strategy with fresh content. 


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Want to produce your own E-book?

Download your copy of
Essential Elements For Laying Out Your E-Book

  • 11 Things to think about when laying out your content
  • 4 Basic brand elements you should be using to layout your e-book
  • Ways to use your e-book in your marketing strategy

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