Timing Matters in Email Marketing

Thursday is the day to mail if you want the best email open rates, according to a new report from Campaign Monitor.

Looking at over 30 billion emails across 4.2 million campaigns sent last year, the report found that Tuesday was best for clickthrough rates, while campaigns sent on Mondays showed the lowest bounce rates.

The beginning of the week is rough all around for email, according to the report. Sunday was the worst day both for open and clickthrough rates, and Monday showed the worst click-to-open rates. Friday is the day with the highest bounce rates.

Tips to entice your reader

Subject lines that drive urgency and coupled with an offer increase opening rates – FOMO or numbers ‘3 Steps to…’ or a scare ‘Will your computer get a virus?’
The ‘From’ line matters – make sure the recipient knows who is sending them email

Consider colour and placement, too much?, on brand?

Avoid big blocks of text or use white space, short paragraphs, bullet pointed lists

Clear call to action, possibly one action repeated

Make sure the emails being sent out align with those in the Sales team, so when a customer askes a question about the campaign they don’t look like idiots.
Keep your marketing channels coordinated with content and promotions

Highlight guarantees, testimonials, industry awards and press mentions

Keep an eye on your competition and discover ideas to expand your email marketing strategy

Do you need an automated welcome sequence as part of a new subscribers onboarding?

Track clicks and see what’s popular and what’s not.


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