Andy Cant Real Estate

Every real estate agent knows the importance of standing out in his or her local market. So when Andy Cant came to TG Design, we set to work renovating his personal brand.

As well as developing a new tag line, website recommendations and social media strategy, we created a series of flyers for a local mail drop campaign. These targeted the pain points of people selling their homes, and produced an immediate surge of new listings for Andy.

TG Design has also produced newspaper ads, school newsletter ads and a branded newsletter for Andy Cant Real Estate. This 360-degree approach to branding has helped Andy Cant stay ahead of the competition and dominate the market in his chosen locales.

I met Terri through a local business networking group and very quickly became familiar with the high quality of her work. We sat down for a free one hour consultation where we discussed my business and the need for high quality and engaging marketing to cut through to potential customers. Terri quickly produced a number of options of me to consider, readily welcomed my feedback, and through the process created an engaging marketing campaign involving a range of ideas to spark interest and encourage customer interest. This has resulted in an increase in my business profile in my local area, a higher level of customer enquiry and has generated valuable business for me. In summary, she listened to my story and worked hard to understand my business and as a result has produced high quality, thoughtful and creative marketing solutions for me.

Andy Cant, Residential Real Estate Specialist