QR Codes - Do you use them, or have you forgotten about them?

More information about a product or service can be obtained quickly by scanning QR codes.

This type of marketing strategy allows businesses to communicate direct to their customers via the user’s device. QR codes, in essence, encourage mobile phone connection and engagement.

Here are a few strategies to make the most of QR codes in order to properly track the performance of your marketing campaign:

1. Send visitors to a landing page or website.

A QR code scan can take you to a signup page or any landing page/website.

This saves you the time and effort of going through the process of accessing the website and navigating the page.

Use a unique URL and match to your QR code to measure results.

2. Call your company's phone number.

You'll almost certainly engage and interact with a crowd at a business convention.

If you utilise QR codes for your booth or station, interested business partners can simply scan the code to get information about your company, including your phone number.

You can sometimes modify the QR code to directly dial a phone number.

3. Send a text message.

This is exciting since the user will only get the message after scanning the QR code.
SMS marketing benefits the most when messages are sent using QR codes.
It can be used for sales, customer service, product updates on demand, and opt-in SMS registration, among other things.

4. Send an email.

QR codes for sending emails, similar to text messages, will allow you to view and track data for newsletters, email marketing, and email performance rates (e.g. open and bounce rates).

Aside from that, by scanning the QR code, the user can continue reading the email on their mobile phone.

Your email will be available from any platform in this manner.

5. Install apps.

When you scan the QR code, it will take you to the app's download page and begin the process.

Businesses have used their imagination in marketing campaigns to make QR codes stand out – like for popular apps like Angry Birds.

Furthermore, QR codes are sometimes used by apps to encourage community involvement.

Snapchat and other social media apps have generated unique QR codes that allow users to add individuals quickly.

Spotify has issued QR codes for their music, which is in accordance with this.
Users can now share or promote their music by scanning the QR code, and it will show on the other person's smartphone automatically.

6. View a business address.

If a visitor to your website wishes to visit your office, all they have to do is whip out their phone and scan the QR code on your website.

Rather than having to manually look for the address on internet maps, the QR code can provide precise directions to your business.

7. Provide links to social media pages.

If a person enjoys your product or service, they can stay up to date by following your social media accounts.

If they follow you on social media using that same QR code, they may be eligible for a discount or promotion.

8. E-commerce and Shopping.

Businesses typically utilise QR codes for discounts and promotions, which is perhaps the most widespread application of QR codes.

The consumer can also obtain the receipt or menu on his phone by supplying a unique QR code.


With these considerations in mind, you can effectively use QR codes in your marketing strategy as long as you include a clear call-to-action (CTA).

Your QR code should not require the user to guess what to do with it!

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