Soapbox : Logo Files

Does your business have a Master file of your Logo?

Or do you pass on a low res file you’ve taken from your website, only to be asked for a ‘better/bigger’ file?

When getting your Logo designed, or if you purchase one online, you should always get a vector file – this is an ‘.ai’ or open vector ‘.eps’ file.

These file types allow your logo to be scaled without loss of quality.

From these files other file formats, such as high resolution .jpg and online .png files, can be made that allow you to ‘insert’ or ‘place’ them into other applications such as Word or PPT.

Ideally when receiving your final logo files you should get a range of files - .ai, .eps, .jpg, .png, .pdf in both colour and black & white options, at approximately A5 size.

You’ve all probably experienced trying to enlarge a low resolution jpg (usually taken from a website) – never a good look, often fuzzy and unprofessional – which is why if you have received proper logo files this won’t be an issue.

And remember when using your logo don’t distort it – keep the proportions constrained!

Always have a Master vector file of your logo and keep it in a safe place!

If you need a new logo, or your existing logo in a different format or not sure what file to use where, give me a call - 021 2121306

Image : oleg-laptev-546607-unsplash

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