From DIY to DFY

Summer and my holidays have ended, always that bittersweet feeling – relaxed and want more, and excited to get into the year ahead.

I do some reflective thinking over the holidays but as much as my work life is about creating, strategy and planning, my holidays are exactly the opposite – NO AGENDA!

I have to remind family members haha – don’t ask me what’s for dinner, what’s on today etc, I like to go with whatever I feel like doing on the day, or not...

Of course, getting back into work requires some routine, and once I get back into it all I like the structure it brings – helps to get things done – move towards those goals...

As I've built my business I realised the amount of ‘things’ that needed doing to keep it growing and developing.

I started out DIYing everything, with is understandable, then as it grew I knew I needed help to step up and out of the overwhelm.

I don’t really want to take the time to learn something new that doesn’t excite me, I want to work in my area of expertise, the fun stuff that got me excited to begin my business in the first place.

So, my ‘thing’ this year to get help with is copy writing – I spend waaay to much time on this, sometimes I enjoy it though... but mostly get frustrated.

Is this the year to get some help with a part of your business that’ll build momentum and keep your business growing?
To go from doing it all yourself – to have it done for you, free up your time, get out of overwhelm!

What would you love to pass onto someone else?


I enjoy working with service business owners to sort out their brand and marketing strategy – they often know what needs doing but they don't have the time – I can make it happen.

Let's chat about your options to move your business forward


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