Email marketing is one of the strongest marketing channels there is and sending an e-newsletter is the best and easiest way to keep in-touch with your clients and prospects.

A newsletter helps keep your business front-of-mind and ensures your audience is up-to-date with what’s happening within the marketplace – and you also get the opportunity to show how you can help them. 

TG Design creates and sends out e-newsletters – see below for all the details.

Email Newsletter Starter $350 +gst set-up

TG Design will:

  • Set-up your account and create one branded email template
  • First email created and sent for you – based on a maximum of three articles supplied
  • Find images if required – maximum of three images
  • Upload your existing database contacts
  • Help with setting a basic sign-up for e-news panel for your web site


  • Bonus : Brainstorming topics for your business – we'll help you come up with ideas for articles based on your industry, services or products etc.

Client to supply:

  • Draft copy supplied in Word Document format, or provide link/s to existing website/blog/articles, for three articles maximum
  • Brand element files : logo, colours, images and any graphic elements
  • Excel spreadsheet of database with First Name, Email Address – minimum data columns required
  • Other images if available or link to access
  • All website, social media addresses, and contact information

"We have been using the services of Terri at TG Design for about three years now. In particular she has been helping us put together and send out regular EDMs we put out for JOINERS Magazine to both New Zealand and Australian audiences. She’s good, she smart and very helpful. We are currently planning in association with her an upgrade of our website which she has helped us with in the past."

Bob Nordgren
Director at Magenta Publishing Ltd

Some client samples below – click on an image to see the full e-newsletter

I work with one of the best industry platforms for building and sending e-newsletters.

It allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns, with detailed reports to help you keep improving over time. You can track who has opened your emails, clicked on links and shared information.

There is a Free Plan option, where businesses with 2,000 or fewer subscribers can send up to 10,000 emails per month absolutely free.

There is also a Landing Page component where you can set up a special offer, download or promotion (lead magnet) to further gather potential customers and build your email list. A landing page link is often used in promotions on social media platforms.

And if compiling content is stopping you and you would rather have someone else do that for you - then I work with a couple of copywriters that have packages that could suit your budget.

Email me to get started on your e-newsletter

It is easy to start,
and you can start small

Email marketing scales, the effort to send one or 100,000 messages is nearly the same

Email allows you to target and segment your messages on an individual level

There are few risks, the costs are relatively low and potential for upside is big

Monthly $120 +gst to layout and send your E-Newsletter

Once we have set-up your e-newsletter account and template I can then help you keep those newsletters going out!
Or if you have an existing account and need to get it active again...

Email me to keep your e-newsletter going or to kick start it into action!

TG Design layout includes:

  • Using an existing template
  • Layout content from supplied material for maximum of three articles
  • Proof, test and send
  • Has an existing database

Client to supply:

  • Draft copy supplied in Word Document format, or provide link/s to existing website/blog/articles for maximum of three articles
  • Images if available or link to access existing image library

"Terri provides a very professional and timely service; her advice is always welcome and knowledgeable.
As someone who is prone to act impulsively, Terri provides an antidote, which is a calm and structured approach thereby incorporating my lack of organisation into a structured informative newsletter.
I have recommended and referred Terri to several clients."

Pamela, Intimo

Why use Email Marketing?

Social media, while one of the biggest things to happen to business marketing over the last 10 years, has a serious drawback if you rely on it as a source of traffic and revenue. Even with a strong following – you may not always reach your audience with your new content… and you often end-up paying to reach them on most platforms.

Sending an email newsletter doesn't have the same drawback – when you send an email to a subscriber it lands in their inbox quickly because they've requested it.

When someone joins your email list, via your website signup form or landing page, they are much more likely to engage and purchase from you than from a result from a random Google search or social media advert.

This means your email list can give you the best return on investment compared to your other forms of marketing material whether online or offline.

The more you keep in touch with and educate, inform and help your customers the more they will want to buy from you and your company.

And best of all - you own your email list.

So if you feel like you’ve neglected your email marketing, or it could do with a kick-start, I would love to help you.

Email me to get started on your e-newsletter